For Immediate Release – New work-life benefit addresses retention of working parents



January 21, 2014


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Maggie Sisco


New work-life benefit addresses retention of working parents


Plus One Meetings provides on-location children’s programming for companies with progressive cultures

hosting large-scale meetings for employees or customers

Bloomfield Hills, MI – Plus One Meetings today announced details of a new program to support the needs of companies looking to foster a culture of work-life integration for working parents. The company specializes in transforming spaces during conferences, trainings and trade shows into engaging play environments and delivering innovative programming around four key themes: entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, diversity & inclusion and the science of everyday things. Custom programs can also be developed.

Plus One Meetings was founded by Lisa Bower who served for 10 years as Director of Marketing for EY (formerly Ernst & Young) in Detroit.  During those years, Bower had four children and experienced firsthand the challenges that work travel presented. “I saw a gap in the ability of working parents to take advantage of flexibility when travel was required,” said Bower. “Studies show that most working parents use flexibility to spend time with their children. When asked to travel, that flexibility often disappears.”

Work-family conflict that arises from business travel is not unique to women; although women who choose to nurse do face additional challenges and stress. Plus One Meetings works with companies to bring that flexibility back to working parents who travel and provides an opportunity for families to enjoy more time together when business is not on the agenda.

“Top employers are continually innovating when it comes to the needs of their people,” said Bower. “They recognize the importance of flexibility and work-life integration to the attraction and retention of top talent – and ultimately the bottom line.”

Plus One Meetings puts a special emphasis on support for nursing moms and parents of special needs children. Dedicated spaces for infants and nursing moms offer full connectivity back into the meeting or conference so moms don’t have to miss out on content when nursing their child. Programming and play spaces can be modified to accommodate most physical, attention, learning or sensory issues so all children feel welcome and parents can focus on business.

“We know that business is at the top of the agenda of any meeting or conference planner,” said Bower. “Plus One Meetings Travel Care Solutions™ gives companies the ability to focus on business and networking goals while allowing parents to know their children are happily and safely engaged in activities of their own.”

According to Bower, work-life balance is an outdated notion. “Programs that support work-life integration better support the needs and desires of today’s working parents. Because we’re all at our best when our heads and our hearts are in the same place.”

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